Evolving Aspirations: Divergent Pathways, Convergent Future

The drivers of scientific research are multi-faceted and have undergone multiple shifts with time. Throughout history, Science has played a critical role in addressing the various challenges of humanity, offered new possibilities previously unimaginable, and improved lives in significant ways. In the first 20 years of the new millennium, Science has transformed our way of living, and connected the world in an unprecedented way. Advanced medical technology today is able to combat incurable diseases; genetic modification is able to solve our food crisis due to population growth, while innovative engineering is able to help us reduce our carbon footprint that impacts climate change. With emerging yet diverse modern day problems, Science remains a beacon of hope in its principled intent for a better future for all communities. ISYF 2020 aims to nurture inquiring minds who collaborate through scientific research in diverse fields, to bring new aspirations for our shared future. 



Manifesting Science

The path of scientific discovery is ridden with challenges, which include limitations in scientific capabilities, ethical considerations, limited funding and possible criticisms from society and the scientific community. Beyond a highly curious and incisive mind, what are the key traits of a great scientist, which ensure the continued manifestations of unprecedented scientific discoveries? This session provides young delegates with a rare opportunity to uncover and discuss such valuable insights from eminent scientists. 


Bridging Science and Society


Work of past and current scientists has shed new light on our understanding of society, bringing about ground-breaking revolutions that allowed us to transit into this technological era. Alongside the developments, it is essential that we take a step back and consider if everyone is benefitting from our scientific discoveries. Currently, humanity is faced with many new seemingly-unsolvable problems, such as global warming, healthcare woes and the rise of artificial intelligence. Such challenges can be mitigated through the continued application and innovation of Science. How can we better ensure that everyone is aware of, has access to, and is able to utilise these scientific tools and findings? Bringing Science closer to the community allows everyone to gain from our collective scientific discoveries, strengthening the fundamental purpose of science, and the inclusivity of scientific advancements.


Science Now and Then


We are at a new height in humanity's history, where we cannot envision how the world will look like even just a decade later, due to the sheer speed of our ever-evolving scientific advances. Humankind has never been so confident and yet, unsure about its future. Living in this age with such a complex world and unpredictable futures, how do we better position ourselves to embrace the scientific advances of tomorrow? How can Science continue to take the lead now and in the future, to tackle problems in society, and to address changing needs and concerns with time? In this session, eminent scientists will share their take on the evolving, multifarious nature of scientific pursuits, and deepen delegates’ understanding on what it takes to ensure constructive use of what scientific advances bring us.

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