Inspire Passion for Science Among Youth

ISYF aims to provide high-ability students with ample opportunities to share and discuss their interest in science and science research. They will be exposed to many fields of science which will broaden their outlook and understanding of the scientific world. Nobel Laureates and other eminent scientists will inspire them through stories of their own life experiences and scientific discoveries. These interactions are helpful for the youths especially when they are considering pursuing science as a meaningful and fulfilling endeavour.


Establish Cooperation and Friendship Amongst Young Science Talents

Students will have many opportunities to interact in different cross-cultural groups and form strong bonds with each other throughout the Forum. Activities are designed to promote mutual cooperation, understanding and appreciation of each other’s diverse culture yet sharing a common passion in science and research.




Build Capacities of Science Educators

Through professional sharing of best practices in the classroom and networking with fellow Science educators, the ISYF will serve as an important platform to build the competencies of the teachers. It will also serve as a valuable opportunity for schools to establish and develop close ties with one another and to explore the possibility of future collaborations.


Raise Singapore’s Profile as an International Hub for Science Education and Research

Participants will have first-hand experience of the educational and research & development scene in Singapore through the visits and interactions at our local Universities, Research Institutes and Industries. We will be able to showcase the best facilities and innovative capabilities that these institutions can offer.

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