International Science Youth Forum 2020

13 January 2020 - 17 January 2020


Dear Student and Teacher Delegates,


Welcome to the 12th International Science Youth Forum (ISYF) @ Singapore, which will be held from the 13th to 17th of January 2020!


Held annually, ISYF brings together passionate young scientists from around the world in intellectual discourse and cultural exchange. This year, our theme “Evolving Aspirations: Divergent Pathways, Convergent Future” reflects the multi-faceted and ever-changing world of science that has forever transformed our way of living. With this in mind, through our masterclasses, dialogues and the ISYF Grand Ceremony, we hope to nurture inquiring minds to collaborate in diverse fields and create the future of science. 


With the turn of a new decade, ISYF strives to continue inspiring young individuals. In this chapter, delegates can expect to work together with like-minded peers and stretch their creativity to tackle issues of the modern age. Gathering delegates and educators from all over the world, this forum promises to be a meaningful and culturally enriching experience.


​The Organising Team of the 12th ISYF is very eager to meet you and we hope that you will have a fruitful and memorable time in Singapore!


Warmest regards,


Johnny Xiao Hong Yu and Leng Wen Hui


ISYF 2020 Student Organising Committee

Meet our mascot, Stella!

Stella's design is inspired by this year's space theme. Her name originates from the latin and italian word for "star", and just like a star, she is a bright beacon guiding along the ISYF journey. She wears a satellite hat and carries 3 symbols -- a DNA helix, conical flask, and an atomic model -- representing biology, chemistry, and physics -- the 3 main disciplines of science. Stella is created by our very own student facilitator Man Juncheng, with inputs from one of our teachers-in-charge of the Media and Publications committee, Mr. David Chong!!

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